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Spreading Japanese Silicone Processing Technology to the World

Over the years, Fuji Systems has been working on the development of medical devices using silicone. While silicone has strengths such as high biocompatibility, gas permeability, and resistance to temperature changes, it is difficult to process silicone material and it requires special technology and expertise in adapting to the silicone products. We will actively work on joint research with companies, medical institutions, and researchers that are looking for new possibilities in technological development.

For Medical Institutions Interested in Development

Japan has one of the highest rates of life expectancy in the world. It is known as one of the medically advanced countries. We have been accumulating silicone processing technology and expertise, mainly in the medical device field, for over 60 years in Japan. Having resolved countless medical challenges in this country, we now hope to spread our ideas and processing technology to the world. We will actively work on joint research to help doctors and medical institutions striving to treat difficult conditions and realize ideal medicine.

For Manufacturers of Medical Devices

As a silicone specialist, we have developed and manufactured various silicone medical devices, such as catheters and feeding tubes. We offer a broad product line with over 3000 items. We have advanced technologies and expertise in how to combine silicone with other materials, which is generally considered difficult. If you are interested in the development of new devices to realize unprecedented medical fields, please consider us as your development partner.

For People Who Are Interested in the Application of Silicone in the Life Science Field

Silicone, with its various characteristics, can help solve problems in the medical field and many other fields. We have experience of developing artificial lungs by focusing on the gas permeability of silicone. In the future, we will expand the possibilities of silicone in the life science field, such as artificial organs, cell culturing, and environmental pollution control measures. If you are interested in the development of new products and joint research in fields related to life and livelihood, or looking for a partner with whom you can realize your ideas, please feel free to contact us.

For people making a contact

We plan to actively conduct joint research and development in the medical and life science fields in the future. If you make an inquiry, we will provide you with a wide variety of information and development cases based on the characteristics of silicone and our knowledge.